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Masks are the most requested item from hospitals and shelters all around the world. So we decided to set out to change by donating a mask for every purchase.

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Donation to EHP Center!

Yesterday, on May 20, 2020, we donated 1,500 masks to the Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) in East Palo Alto. 
EHP is a non-profit organization that provides household essentials to families in insufficiency. They play a vital role in helping these families during...

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Our First Donation to the San Tomas Convalescent Hospital!

On May 14th, 202, we donated a total of 2,100 masks to the San Tomas Convalescent Hospital, where they focus on senior care and needs. Research shows that the elderly, elevate a higher risk of dying from the disease...

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First Step in BODO Mask Project!

For the project, the first step was researching and contacting where I could buy a large number of masks with good quality. Studies show that many individuals with COVID-19 lack symptoms...

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Introduction to BODO Mask!


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Why Did I Start This Project?