Donation to Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) in East Palo Alto!

Yesterday, on May 20, 2020, we donated 1,500 masks to the Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) in East Palo Alto.

EHP is a non-profit organization that provides household essentials to families in insufficiency. They play a vital role in helping these families during these hard times, and I aspired to be a help as well.

The virus has caused a significant impact on everyone, especially more deprived communities. They are not able to reach for essential health-care and personal protective equipment, like facial masks. Facial masks are the best choice because, as confirmed cases seem only to rise, masks serve as a protective barrier shielding them from bacterial particulates. Uncredible sources state that masks are not helpful; wearing masks can create a more considerable impact than presumed.

I met with a worker at EHP, who explained that they provide care to approximately 200 to 300 families a day. The numbers were a great shock to me because the figures were remarkably high than I had imagined. I did not bring enough masks to assist all the families; therefore, I resolved to come back and donate more.

This project assists me to expand and understand how the pandemic is taking a toll on various communities, and I should be a more beneficial help. I wish that I can sell more masks so that they could transfer into a more considerable impact on people who need them the most.