First Step in BODO Mask Project!


For the project, the first step was researching and contacting where I could buy a large number of masks with good quality. Studies show that many individuals with COVID-19 lack symptoms, where masks can come in crucial. I didn’t want to buy masks that were cheap quality; therefore, I found a mask that had many features that assured me that the product gave convincing protection. The mask had three layers, which gave more protection form the minute particles of the virus. Adding on, the mask included an elastic and a wire that shaped the nose that secured the mask from any gaps form the face. This can help prevent the virus from going into the mask.
After ordering 5000 masks, I saw the next step in the project was making a website, where I could sell and update information on helpful and easy-to-access Information.

Soon when the mask arrived, I felt the happiness and excitement in packaging and donating the masks to the people in need. The masks have the potential of protecting and helping others.