Our First Donation to the San Tomas Convalescent Hospital!

On May 14th, 202, we donated a total of 2,100 masks to the San Tomas Convalescent Hospital, where they focus on senior care and needs.

Research shows that the elderly, elevate a higher risk of dying from the disease as opposed to children. They have a slower immune response than the average person, which underlies why the death rate is noticeably high to the virus.
Many seniors and health-care workers are at risk because of the shortage of PPE. Unless critical care and protection capacity is increased, people will have to endanger their lives. I wanted to help the situation improves; therefore, I regarded giving them masks, since, this both benefited the seniors and the medical workers.

When I dropped the masks, I discovered that they use approximately 200 masks daily; this was much larger than I anticipated, in view that the hospital wasn't large, which bothered me because many hospitals, including them, will eventually have to run short.

I was thankful that I was capable of starting this project and become a more helping hand to others. The front-line health workers risk their lives every day for patients, and I understood how that they are are the real heroes of this pandemic and that they should not put their lives on the line because of the scarcity of supplies.

Presently, I am exceeding excited to sell more and distribute more to the people who need it the most. I hope this project can grow, so I can help more people who need it the most.