About Me

My name is Eileen Lee, I am fifteen years old and I attend Saratoga High School. During the short period of time being a high schooler, I searched for what I enjoyed and learned many new things about myself. 

Since I was younger, I had an urge to connect with others in any way possible. Moreover, because of this urge, I was able to meet many new people that lead me to earn priceless experiences and lessons. I developed over the years to take the initiative and help others before they ask me. People have helped me and pushed me to what I am today and I want to repay them back by being a person who leads others myself. 

I put myself in the position of being part of the leadership team in marching band and learned how important the position I was in. Leadership who leads the band, allows the band to improve and function at its best. My journey in being part of leadership was wasn’t easy. I had trouble communicating and working well with others, but those differences drove me to work harder to become a good example to create a more productive and positive environment for everyone. 

I felt more passionate and comfortable in working with others and saw myself the happiest helping others. Since discovering many leadership facilities, I took trips with my dad to Africa as a mission to help the young children and somehow make their lives better and volunteered at learning centers that center on children with learning disabilities. What seems like small events, I saw this as a call to pursue what I enjoy the most, while benefiting others.  

This is only an introduction and I want to take more challenges in the future, which motivates me to take on this challenge in improving and give an impact to the world. But I am still looking to improve my skills with this project. I never developed a business while working with new people, but with the experiences and skills I have, I want to be an effective guide to the project. This project has big potential in making an impact and I am going to try my best to help the chaos piece by piece.